Why I’m Vegan

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Dalai Lama

Why I Became Vegan


Want to hear a funny joke? Trust me, this one is a knee slapper. How can you tell if someone is vegan? Just speak to them for 10 seconds.

I hope it hasn’t been 10 seconds, because I’m about to tell you something that will make you ask yourself “how does he get his protein?” and “what does he even eat? Lettuce?” Yup. I’m vegan. *gasp*

Roughly two years ago, after learning about the horrors of the livestock industry, I decided to pursue a more conscious lifestyle. I mean, what other choice did I have once I became aware of what I was paying for? Was I supposed to live my life knowing fully well that my choices were harming others? I was convinced, and I will never go back.

I remember laying in a dark room while watching Earthlings the night I decided to go vegan. My eyes were red from crying and my heart was broken. The same question was repeating itself for that whole sleepless night. What had I been paying people to do?

You know the saying “ignorance is bliss”? It’s true, and it’s been proven to me countless times during my journey to live more consciously. In fact, I’d probably be happier if I never knew what happens in the process of exploiting animals.

I wish awareness didn’t come with so much sadness. I wish awareness didn’t mean knowing that billions of animals are being pointlessly slaughtered. I wish awareness didn’t mean changing my comfortable life for the sake of others. But it does. Awareness means taking responsibility for our actions and fighting a worthy cause. So yes. Ignorance is bliss. But awareness is power.

I learned roughly two years ago how to love past the boundary of what I can see, and ever since, I have realized what it means to be a voice for the voiceless. This is a passion most vegans share. We get to be the voice of every mother cow, raped for the sake of breast milk. We get to be the translators of every pig screaming as their babies, whom they call by name and sing to sleep, are stolen from them. We are privileged to be the pioneers of this movement. This is why I became who I am. This is why I’m vegan.


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