How to Create Change

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” ~ Jesse Jackson

 See the Child in Everyone

In the last post I mentioned that I would be sharing more thoughts about the proper way to bring about change, so I’ll do my best to give you a glimpse of what I have learned to be the best way to approach an issue.

In short, the most effective way to help someone see something through our perspective is to BE KIND.

Trust me when I say kindness goes a long way. If we do the opposite and just aggressively throw our beliefs onto someone, the best we can expect to achieve is a long argument with no compromise and a new enemy at the end to discredit us. I’ve experienced it a million times.

Flashback to my earliest days of conscious living and animal advocacy. I would spend hours arguing on Facebook and other social media, calling people hypocrites and spreading hate to those whom I believed to be different and inferior to me. Guess how many people I changed? Zero. Guess how many people closed off their minds to my cause? A lot. I hurt relationships with friends, family, and innocent strangers, and I only made my cause look like a joke. All of this stemmed from a sense of superiority. I forgot where I came from.

Didn’t I once contribute to everything I fight against now? No doubt.

Don’t I still make mistakes today? Of course.

Nobody is superior to anyone, and everyone has potential to be better than they are today. After all, don’t we all breathe the same air and live under the same sky?

As odd as this may seem, I learned to look at people as if they were still children. It helps put things into perspective when I see that drug addict tripping out in the street or the angry lady who lives in the apartment below me yelling at me for singing Disney songs too loudly. I try to envision them as they were when they were kids, lollipops in hand, swinging on swings, and clueless of the world that would hurt them when they grew up.

We are all products of our environments, and we will never understand someone else’s story unless we ask. Who knows what happened to that drug addict? His whole family could have died in a car accident before he was old enough to understand how to cope.  Assumptions are dangerous.

No matter the case, compassion and understanding will always be the quickest way to allow people to see things through our perspective and create change.

We need to be the change we want to see, and if we can just swallow our pride and give people a chance, we can see the world and other beings for what they really are, beautiful and so full of potential.

What we are today doesn’t define us tomorrow. Act with kindness. See the child in everyone.


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