A Blog to Save the World…

We all have those things we have been longing to do but never really gotten to. This is my thing, the long overdue blog about saving the world through the power of Conscious Living. Finally. Now what? What am I doing?  The answer is short. I’m sitting here in my pitch black room at midnight on my cheap laptop with no backlit keyboard (goodbye 20/20 vision) trying to figure out how I can save the world by writing a blog.

Ambitious? Maybe a little.

Possible? Perhaps.

The bottom line, I probably won’t save the world with a blog, but I’ll be content as long as I can help just one more person understand there is a purpose in living consciously and that the world CAN and WILL BE changed for the better.

By now, you’re probably thinking I’m that loud obnoxious “hippie” that shouts “I’m vegan” from the rooftops and “shoves my views down people’s throat”, and you couldn’t be more wrong. I prefer to think of myself as that quiet, unobtrusive ANIMAL ADVOCATE who would rather share his thoughts about veganism  (calling it animal advocacy from here on out) and conscious living behind the safety of his keyboard.

With this blog, alongside spreading awareness about living a conscious lifestyle, I hope to inform everyone from the aspiring animal advocate to the most carnivorous, animal loathing human on this planet, and I hope to do it with kindness, respect, spinach-powered rhetoric, and vegan calzones bigger than my head (yes, that big. I swear).

I have so much to say about conscious living, and I’m so excited to share with anyone willing to come along with me as I try to put my thoughts into words strong enough to help save our planet Earth and the wonderful beings living on it.


PS This blog will also have information regarding other aspects of conscious living, like fair-trade, minimalism, zero waste, and health.



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